Is your password secure?

For most, the truth of the matter is NO!

You probably have your child’s name or significant other plus some numbers as your password. If this is you, change it now!

Many people feel that they are a low risk to have their password stolen or cracked. And if this is your feeling, you are at potential risk. Facebook and other social media platforms make it easier for someone to guess your password. Even more so with a password recovery with the basic questions that are being asked like:

  • What street did you live on when you were young?
  • Your favorite pet’s name?
  • Where you went to middle school?

My suggestion for all these answers would be a random word or phase that is completely unrelated to the question at hand. The only downside is to remember what you answered. This is where a password program installed on your computer comes into play. Most of my passwords I do not even know because I a program to generate them. Here is an example of the type of password that is generated: i||$XObkj;0>PV/AUGKXw51yc?QLRr|n

From today’s super computer it would take a very long time to brute force that password. My suggestion to you is test to see if your password is worth keeping or changing. Use the links below to get ahead of someone whom may be trying to break into your computer, social media or banking site.

Password strength test:

Password manager:

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