I would highly recommend him

I am writing regarding Leonard Johnson who recently performed some computer work for me. Approximately three weeks ago, I inadvertently lost three years of information on an external drive. Without intent, I formatted the drive and lost all of my precious family photos and videos that were of course irreplaceable. Events captured forever, I thought, gone in an instant.
Subsequently, I went to my ‘Go to guy.’ He took the drive, kept it for a week and called me to say it was, ‘Hopeless.’ Pictures and videos of life’s events including my husband and me with our newborn granddaughter gone.
Desperately, I sought assistance from the I-T guy at my employer. Once again, my external drive was found to be void of anything at all. ‘Throw is out.’ He said. ‘It may be faulty.’ He added. I resigned myself that our memories were gone forever. I was a bit heartbroken that they were gone and it was my fault.
Then came Lenny. Dear dear Lenny. In less than a week, he had retrieved everything! Every photo, every video. I was elated and so very grateful to Lenny.
He was professional, highly motivated and very knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend him.