Save up to $50 on a Nest Thermostat

I love technology! What I love more is when technology saves me money!

So I want to tell you if you do not already know that the Nest thermostat is on sale until April 22, 2017. If you purchase the device alone, Google is going to take $30 off the price. If you purchase Google Home along with a Nest thermostat, Google will give you an extra $20 off.

I know what you are probably thinking. Why should I spend over $200 on a thermostat? And until I got one (two actually) I asked myself the exact same question.

I purchased my house back in October 2013. It was a very scary time for me as I was always worrying about how can I afford this house, taxes, TV, internet, PSE&G, etc. So I decided to do some research and found most of the costs associated with an old house (1912 to be exact) was heating and cooling.So the first trip of many was to the Home Depot/Lowe’s to get everything that I could for insulation. That seemed to do a pretty good job for the first few months as I really did not have a baseline of bills to go off of. Then in the dinning room one of the windows cracked. I took a look and the windows was from 1994. I scheduled some appointments to get quotes on replacing the window. After going to a home show, my wife and I decided to redo all the windows in the house. As most of the heat/cool go right out the window. That helped keep the heating and cooling cost down during year 2 compared to year one. I was still not completely satisfied as I felt there was more savings to be had. So when the downstairs’ thermostat indicated that it needed the battery replaced, I decided it was a good time to simply replace the unit.

I headed off to Lowe’s and purchased the Nest. The installation process took about 20 minutes. This included the time to remove the old unit, identify all wires and install the Nest. After a series of questions and my long ass wifi password it was up an running. I then installed the Nest app on my device. After just one month, my PSE&G bill dropped by almost $100. I was a bit shocked by this. I went ahead and compared the previous month’s temperature versus this month’s and they were pretty much the same. I then decided to purchase another device for the second floor as the first unit was almost half paid off already. My bill had gone from over $500 per month to an average of $300 – $350 a month.

The wins for me:

  • Sleek/intuitive UX
  • Access thermostat via tablet/smart phone/web site
  • Super easy installation
  • Automatic software updates
  • Energy reports emailed showing how many hours unit was on, how many leafs you earned and how you compare with other Nest users in your area.
  • Works with Alexa
  • My son loves tapping the display

At the end of the day, you need to spend some money to earn (or in this case) save some money!