Life is what you make of it

I know that sometimes life can be difficult and feel like everything and everyone is against you. This idea is how most people live their lives. I used to feel the same way. Like I should have gotten that promotion or that I should have gotten a bigger pay raise. But all of this is about perspective. I see more and more clearly each day that my life is what I make of it. . I have always had my mind set to look at my relationships and see what the positives are that I can take away as well as the changes I wanted to make in order to grow from. Last week at a gathering I attended the story/passage below was read. Please read it fully through to understand exactly where I am going with this. I hope that you too can learn and grow from your experiences and become a better you!


Today was the absolute worst day ever

And don’t try to convince me that

There’s something good in every day

Because, when you take a closer look,

This world is a pretty evil place.

Even if

Some goodness does shine through once in a while

Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.

And it’s not true that

It’s all in the mind and heart


True happiness can be obtained

Only if one’s surroundings are good

It’s not true that good exists

I’m sure you can agree that

The reality


My attitude

It’s all beyond my control

And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that

Today was a good day

*Now read from bottom to top!